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If you work in the property industry and you source or come into contact with property sourcers your inbox...

Having had a desire to get into the property industry for some time, I decided at the end of...

A ‘no money down property deal’ can cover a range of areas (such as getting people to invest in...

Sourced appoints a new Franchise Director as the business surges forward. We interviewed Chris Kirkwood, the new Franchise Director,...

These days it feels as if everyone is online and using social media. And even those who don’t have...

I had a call last yesterday with a lady, she is a property sourcer and had seen one of...

Having been in the sourcing industry for a little while now, I wanted to address the elephant in the...

Homework, the bane of most students’ lives, often set as a piece of research which is handed in the...

For most people, social media has become an intrinsic part of life in the last decade or so, whether...

After years of pretending, practicing and procrastinating, I’ve finally taken the leap and decided to ‘do’ property properly. Why?...

Being aware of how exciting and lucrative the property industry can be, Chris Richardson started looking for options to...

If you’re new to property investing, then you may not be aware of the abbreviation BMV. It stands for...