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Craig ran a successful home improvements company for years, before deciding to look for opportunities to expand into property investment. He came across Sourced and knew the franchise package would offer him the resources he needed to grow.

A couple of years later, Craig has achieved an extraordinary turnover of £1.93 million in just 12 months, all with the support from the Sourced Network.

Why did Craig join Sourced?

What stood out to Craig was the in-house funding facility we have here through Sourced Capital. Our loans allowed Craig to borrow more than the current property value, and thanks to the high loan to value, his cash injection could be minimised.

He also wanted to use a rent-to-rent strategy and saw the value in joining our network of over 190 franchisees. This allowed him to grow his business successfully by connecting with other members and leveraging their collective power. Through networking, he has sold many deals and partnered with other franchisees to make profitable ventures.

See below for his most recent project, funded by Sourced Capital:

What has contributed to Craig’s £1.93 million turnover?

  • Craig utilised the Sourced Property App to present his property deals to thousands of investors, meaning a huge boost of profits from sourcing fees
  • He took advantage of our peer-to-peer lending platform and funded multiple profitable projects
  • Craig collaborated with other franchisees in our network to reduce costs and leverage their collective experience through joint ventures
  • He implemented a successful rent to rent social housing strategy to generate a steady cash flow

And much, much more!

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