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Scale your HMO Portfolio with Sourced Training

By 11 August 2021December 16th, 2021No Comments

Part of being a Sourced Franchise means you get access to a number of top-quality training courses.

Most of these are in-person, day-long courses here at our Sourced HQ in Manchester. That gives you the opportunity to meet with other like-minded investors, including the Sourced team face-to-face.

Our courses are interactive (you’re encouraged to ask questions) and involve a lot of networking. The latter is crucial within property investing, something you’ll no doubt learn the more involved you become in property investing.

Crucially though we know our courses work. Just ask some of our franchisees, many of whom are already on their fourth or fifth HMO investment and continuing to look for future opportunities.

Here is a taster of the HMO training courses – all taught by experienced investors – that you can attend once you join us:

Induction and introduction to HMO

A chance to meet the Sourced team and fellow investors. You’ll also learn all about Sourced and get an in-depth look at what investing in an HMO property strategy entails. Your mentors are all experienced HMO investors themselves.

Structuring your deal and funding

How do you fund that great HMO deal you’ve just found? Well, you’ll learn how to do that in the best way possible for you. And it will be in a way where you will maximise profits. Meaning you won’t be paying huge amounts of interest from the start.

Lettings and occupancy

What type of tenants do you want for your HMO? There are various strategies, from student to high-end, professional etc. You’ll learn which suits you best and how to make sure you’re offering your target market what it needs. And in doing so, making sure they stay.


Planning is a pretty big area to cover when it comes to HMO investing. There are a lot of hoops to jump through, including getting an HMO license from your local authority. You will also have to learn about Article 4 Directives. This course will give you the necessary knowledge to ensure you are fully compliant with all the necessary regulations and staying on the right side of the law.

Sourcing HMO

What makes a potentially good and profitable HMO? How important is location? Is what you’ve found something that will fit in well with your current property portfolio? Learn all this and how to find a good HMO in the first place, on this particular course.

Refurbishment and conversion

When it comes to conversions there are always planning regulations to bear in mind. Then there is the physical structural detail to get on with. Are you going to attempt it yourself or get a team of builders and project managers? From planning permissions to best practices, you’ll learn all about it.

Online HMO option

For investors unable to make it into our Manchester HQ for time or logistical reasons, then we also offer a Sourced online HMO training course.

Get in touch

To find out when our courses take place and to book your place, download the Sourced training schedule today. There are more than 18 training dates for 2021 alone!

If you want to see what other benefits you will have as a franchisee, download our Sourced Network prospectus now.


Sam Clayton

Franchise Manager