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Sourced Proptech Update

By 15 March 2023No Comments

Our Proptech platforms have just been upgraded and are now smarter than ever!

At Sourced we are committed to compiling the best package of software and services in the property investment industry. Our training is world class, our support is comprehensive and unlimited, and our in-house funding will typically lend more money to franchisees than high street lenders, meaning our guys have a competitive advantage over everyone else out there.

Well, now the playing field has just got even less fair because we have rolled out a huge tech upgrade allowing our franchisees to identify and manage the properties they are looking at quickly and efficiently.

We have designed a system which uses sophisticated algorithms, designed in house by our property experts, to analyse deals that come onto the market. We can determine whether properties for sale would be suitable as a HMO or a flip, whether rental properties would work as rent-to-rent deals, whether commercial buildings would work as conversions into residential units and whether land would work as new build projects. All while our franchisees are eating their breakfast! Imagine that! You fire up your computer in the morning and there are already deals in there which have been through an initial analysis. AMAZING!

Once the deal has been found we have also created a bespoke management system which allows our network to keep records of all of the properties they’re working on and where they’re up to for the negotiation and purchase. The system keeps all their contacts in one place and links directly into their calendar. The system then complies all the data of the franchisee’s activity and performance and feeds back to them so they and their support person can see where can be improved and they can work on the improvement plan together.

Previously it was difficult to compete with Sourced Franchisees. Now, it’s going to be impossible!

Don’t beat them, join them, and do it quickly before this year’s limits have been reached and we can’t take on more people.

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