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Deciding To Do Property Properly

Row or colourful terraced houses

After years of pretending, practicing and procrastinating, I’ve finally taken the leap and decided to ‘do’ property properly. Why?

I’d like to say it’s a lifetime ambition and something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do, however that’s not the case. When I was moving out of the family home and into my first flat (and I think my 2nd and 3rd flats too) my parents used to go and vet properties for me and create a short-list, as I “couldn’t be bothered” looking round other people’s houses. I would then go and look and buy a property generally based on location (which isn’t a terrible strategy, I suppose).

So, what changed? I can’t pinpoint an Eureka moment, however my 3rd flat was a modern flat in an old whisky bond conversion. That was probably the first time that I started to appreciate how interesting property (particularly development & refurb) could be. Also around then, having bought, lived in for a couple of years, and then sold properties, it became apparent that capital growth on property could be a useful asset, as my available deposit grew and grew at each house move.

Over the next few years, as I moved in with my now wife Elaine, each property move got more interesting, from an old colony style property with period features which we did some light refurb work on (by light I mean every time we did something, something else broke or needed freshened up as a result), onto a small 2 bed house where we had grand plans to build an extension and rework the layout – scuppered by the arrival of child number 1. Then on to our current new build, which we did manage to extend around the family which now includes children 2 and 3.

During each of those moves I loved looking at options to fix whatever ‘problem’ was causing us to move, and looking at creative ways to solve those problems for us. During that time I also became an ‘accidental landlord’ via Elaine who kept her own flat on when we moved in together, which gave me insight into the buy-to-let side of the market. Each of these life events added to my interest in property, and over the last 4 or 5 years, it hasn’t been unusual to find me spending my evenings trawling property portals to find opportunities for refurb, development or buy to let. However, life (and 3 kids) got in the way; or maybe it gave me an excuse not to make the jump into doing property properly.

Now? Well, now is the time to do this properly. I have great knowledge of my home city, having lived here for 40 years and a good understanding of the local property market, having moved on average once every three years since I owned my first property, I have a great, supportive network around me via the Sourced Franchise, and most importantly I am passionate about helping people find solutions through property. There are loads of different and interesting ways to make money through property, and I’m looking forward to helping people to achieve their investments goals by sharing my expertise.