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How to Build a HMO Empire – Q&A with the owner of 195 HMO Rooms

Got a lot of questions about HMOs but no one to answer them? Find out how you can build a HMO empire from the best!

Without a doubt, HMO investment is one of the most profitable strategies. HMOs have higher yields than other BTL properties and they still have an important role to play in the UK property market.

However, investing in HMOs can be hard work, with sweat and tears along the way. But the rewards can be phenomenal, whether you are looking for an extra income or you want to become your own boss, the potential is here!

Join us for a live Q&A session with an HMO specialist, Neeraj Takiar, on Tuesday the 23rd of March at 19:30 and we’ll answer all of your HMO related questions, whether you want help analysing a deal, understanding different finance options, advice on finding the right opportunities, or how to best manage tenants.

Neeraj Takiar, has over 15 years of experience in corporate businesses, with an extensive history in the property industry, and with 195 HMO rooms, he is considered to be an HMO specialist.

If you are interested in setting up your own successful HMO portfolio, this is a must-watch!

Can’t make the date/time?

Although it’s better to watch the webinar live (to ask any questions you might have), we understand if you can’t make it. So don’t worry, register anyway and we’ll send you a recording the next day.

About Sourced HMO Partner

At Sourced, we help property enthusiasts of all levels to build profitable property portfolios without spending much time. We have completed over £200,000,000 of property transactions to date and our senior team pride themselves on a combined 75 years of experience in property.