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Marketing Your Property Deals Online

By May 27, 2020 No Comments

The internet is a fabulous way to network and promote your business. But it can also be a drain on your time. So, in order to ensure you market your deals well and use your online time efficiently, here are a list of methods we use ourselves:

Social media – groups, ads etc
Facebook is a great way to network online. There are dedicated property groups that you can link to and join in any conversation. You can also buy Pay per Click style ads, which will be seen by those who have already indicated they are interested in property buying and selling. Use LinkedIn too – where you’ll find many professional groups, both for property and investing. You can demonstrate your knowledge here, as well as meet other professionals in your industry, and find out who is who, as it were.

● Email campaigns
These are a good way of letting already interested recipients know of deals. The very fact you should have their email is because they previously wanted to know more about your business. To get your email opened, make sure it has a catchy subject line. Then, keep it short, but snappy, with a call to action at the end i.e. along the lines of ‘ring me on xxxx to find out more.’ Try and send your email during working hours (early morning, between 10am and 11am is regarded as best, although obviously it depends on an individual’s work schedule since a lot of people in the property business don’t work 9 to 5).

This can help you build a personal brand. You can advertise what you do, and let people see your personality via blog posts and social media updates linked to your website. It also shows you’re a serious business player and up-to-date. A business without a website well, does it really exist? Certainly, if most people want to find or contact a business these days, they simply Google its name…

These days it’s possible to target a particular location and demographic (in terms of age, income etc). This means that at least your ads are arriving on the pages of the right people for your business. In order to make them attractive and ‘clickable’ use fantastic imagery (perhaps a rotating carousel to show off previous or current deals) and add in a testimonial if there’s space. Again, keep them short and snappy, but with as much relevant detail as possible. Display advertising is the type of marketing that appears at the side of a web page – or the banner on the top of a website – while you’re browsing. Pay per Click advertising means you only pay if the recipient opens the advert and is the type social media sites such as Facebook use. Google Adwords is the top choice for search engine listing. These are pay-per-click too.

Property portals
There are plenty of UK property portals online where experts and property beginners get together and chat. These can be incredibly informative for a sourcer – both for properties and to find investors. They can also keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry and are a great way to support – and get support from – other sourcers, investors and those in the property industry. A forum could even introduce you to a possible JV partner (although we’d always advise meeting him or her in person and getting to know them well first).

The above are just a few online marketing ideas – but they are some of the most important. When you join Sourced Franchise, all your deal marketing is taken care of by the Head Office. The marketing team will promote your deals and generate leads for your properties, using a variety of digital lead generation techniques.

To find out more and to discover other benefits of joining the franchise network, download the Sourced Franchise Prospectus now.

Sam Clayton

Sam Clayton

Franchise Manager, Sourced