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£20,000 Within 3 Months of Going Full-Time Into Property

By 3 October 2020March 1st, 2021No Comments

Everton Brown sat on the couch

After 12 months of treating his Sourced Franchise as a part-time venture, Everton Brown decided to go full-time into property. Within 3 months, he generated over £20,000 in fees from sourcing and selling 3 property deals. Sourced Franchise provided Everton with the training, support and resources he needed to turn his passion for property into a profitable business.

Working full-time in recruitment, Everton dreamed of getting into property. He’d always been aware of the huge earning potential of this exciting industry, but he lacked the knowledge to turn his dream into reality. “I always knew there was money in property, but I didn’t know how to leverage it” Everton admits. “I joined Sourced for the knowledge, support and guidance.”

After making the decision to take action and look for ways to finally get into property, Everton discovered Sourced.

Joining the franchise network, provided him with comprehensive property training, ongoing support and much more, assisting him with growing his business. “The training and support is second to none” Everton comments. “I came away [after the training] with so much knowledge, that when I look back now, I wouldn’t have made all the connections that I’ve made in the last 12 months without the training.”

As well as trading profitable investment opportunities, Everton is the host of an extremely popular, monthly property networking event, Sourced Investor Network (SIN) North London. Tickets are available via Eventbrite.

Everton’s Completed Deals:

HMO Property in Liverpool
After meeting an investor at a Sourced Investor Network (SIN) event, Everton got to work, sourcing the HMO property that met the investor’s requirements, in exchange for a sourcing fee.

Probate Property Secured BMV
The Sourced HQ team promoted Everton’s BMV opportunity, enabling him to connect with the right investor, earning him a sourcing fee.

Off-Market Student Accommodation
Everton worked with a developer who he had met at his SIN event. Everton sold units for the developer to the Sourced investor database for a fee.

To find out more about the Franchise opportunity, download the Sourced Franchise Prospectus now.

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