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5 Reasons to Buy a Franchise in Property

By 24 March 2022No Comments



Are you looking to start a new business venture but don’t know how and where to start? There are many options out there, from coffee franchises to property and other investment options, that may be overwhelming to someone who just wants to find a safe and stable option to generate a cashflow. In this blog, we identify the 5 main reasons you should consider buying a franchise in property.

1. Established Success

Starting up a new business involves a high level of risk. Start-up businesses struggle to turn profits and see any success for many years, which in turn sees most businesses failing. Franchises help reduce the risk involved with starting a business due to individuals buying into an established franchise that is already successful. Franchises have established a blueprint of success ready-made for new franchisees to follow.

2. Brand Name

I believe it is safe to say that in 2022, working with a known brand speaks volumes in the world of business. The benefits are as follows:

  • The brand trust exists
  • Access to a pool of clients
  • Expensive marketing would not be needed as the franchise would have invested heavily in marketing
  • Joining a recognised business that provides support and guidance to franchisees

3. Lucrative Business

The worldwide property market, especially in the UK, is an extremely lucrative industry. Investing in this sector, when done properly, will yield exceptional returns for your investment over time. The property sector is regarded as one of the safest ways to diversify your portfolio.

4. Experienced Network

One of the most valuable points of being a franchise owner is access to a deep pool of other experienced franchisees, who are established within the same business as you. You can seek advice and network with other like-minded franchise owners who you can learn from. Being part of a community where everyone’s focus is to succeed is a healthy environment to be immersed in.

5. Long-term Growth

In the last 10 years, many businesses have risen, and many have gone bust. One of the key denominators of the success and failures of businesses in the last decade is continual development or lack of it. Currently, businesses must keep up with the likes of new technology, social media marketing tools, changing social-economic factors such as the pandemic, to keep their business ahead. The opportunity that comes with being part of a franchise is that you are part of a growing business that evolves and adapts to changes that occur in the world, which may affect us. Whether that is from moving away from websites to mobile apps or using TikTok to promote businesses, a good franchise company would position itself to be ever-growing amongst society’s changes.

The Benefits of Joining Sourced Property Franchise

Sourced property franchise provides a readymade business framework that includes the following:

  • Training: Top-quality hybrid training is provided to educate novice or experienced individuals on how to build and scale a successful property franchise business.
  • Support: Ongoing support is something we do not take lightly as we understand that keeping our franchisees accountable is what helps spur focus and consistency. Every franchisee has a dedicated support person who works closely together with them, to help guide franchisees on a successful path.
  • Funding: Our in-house FCA-regulated peer-to-peer platform, Sourced Capital, provides up to 70% GDV on projects to our franchisees. This helps franchisees to scale their property business, by leveraging the platform’s available investment funds.
  • Leads: We provide different types of property leads such as commercial conversion, planning, rent-to-rent, HMO conversion, and more to our franchisees who can then conduct due diligence and see if a deal can be made for their business.

These are just a few of the great opportunities Sourced Franchise has to offer to franchisees. We are continually growing and listening to our franchise owners to help them succeed and grow their businesses. For more information, please download our prospectus.