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5 Ways to Get Into Property Sourcing

By 1 August 2020November 18th, 2020No Comments

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Want to enter into the world of property sourcing but not sure how to go about it? We’re not surprised. Being a professional, full-time Property Sourcer isn’t exactly a common occupation. We’re not sure why, because it’s such a great way to earn a living!

It’s not just that you get to be out and about and do plenty of networking, set your own hours and are effectively your own boss, that we like. But, if you happen to be any good at finding properties and matching up investors and sellers, then you really can earn a spectacular salary.

How to become a Property Sourcer

1. Embark on a training course. There are quite a few training courses in the UK these days; mainly run by property entrepreneurs. They can be invaluable for learning the basics of the job, but once you’ve completed the course you’re on your own. There’s no ongoing support.

2. Become a Sourced franchisee. Here at Sourced, we offer a training course but crucially, we back that up with ongoing support and individual mentoring. In other words, you’re not left to flounder the first time you come up against an obstacle that wasn’t in the course literature!

3. Join an online forum. This type of facility can be a great way of networking and discussing opportunities or worries etc with other sourcers. But it depends who is online at the time and what their background is. Again, one to one, ongoing support isn’t always going to be available. You don’t have any course literature to fall back on either.

4. Read a book on sourcing. Sure, you can get plenty of information from a book. But what if you have questions? There’s no one there to answer them. You also have to check when the book was written. The world of property investing is a fast-moving one and changes happen quickly, even a three year old book will already be out of date in many respects.

5. Chat with an established sourcer. This is a good way to learn about the job, and if you’re lucky, he or she may be happy for you to shadow them for a week or two. The problem here though, is that this individual may be busy when you want to talk. Or, worse still, they may not want the competition!

How a Sourced franchise works

Competition isn’t an issue at Sourced, since we make sure each of our members has their own ‘patch’. In other words, no-one is stepping on anyone’s toes.

And neither will you find our team too busy to talk. We have so many sourcers willing to help that if the individual you want to speak to isn’t available, then there will certainly be another set of brains you can pick when you need to.

We’ll also train you on how to identify property opportunities and help your investors build a strategy so they can achieve their goals too.

You’ll also get access to a worldwide database of investors, buyers, JV partners and sources of funding. Ongoing training and support is built into our model. Join our network as a franchisee and build up your own portfolio while helping others do likewise.

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