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A Brief History of Property Sourcing

By 18 November 2020No Comments

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Property sourcing has become big business in recent years. And that means the market has become crowded – sometimes with individuals who don’t really know what they are doing, but are aware that there are good returns to be made from sourcing properties and selling them on to investors.

The opposite is true too though; sometimes the sourcer does all the hard work and doesn’t even get a cut from the deal. For some investors then, finding a sourcer can be a bit ‘hit and miss’. And for sourcers, it’s useful to understand what you’re doing right/wrong and to have the support and backing of a large organisation behind you. But first, what’s in it for the investor?

Well, read on…

Benefits of working with a property sourcer

For property investors, using a sourcer to locate properties and set up deals can save them a lot of time. Many investors, after all, have a ‘day job’ that they enjoy, and so don’t have either the inclination or the opportunity to take time out and look for great properties themselves. And that’s why they are happy to pay a trusted property adviser to do it for them.

Of course, it’s not only the time aspect that reaps rewards. Using a property sourcer also makes better financial sense. But why? Since the investor is paying the sourcer a fee? Well, being a property expert, the sourcer can usually be relied on to find the investor bigger yields. There will also be less hassle when it comes to actually purchasing the property. More importantly though, it can mean access to off-the-market properties via the sourcer’s own leads (which is where the big profits really start to develop).

Why becoming a sourcer with us makes sense

At Sourced, all of our franchisees are given full training on how and where to source, and what boxes you need to have ticked in order to secure a good deal. In addition, Sourced franchisees are also provided with access to a number of high-quality property leads, as well as access to our database of investors from around the globe.

Other benefits include easier access to finance via our Peer to Peer Lending Platform, and the Sourced Loan scheme, in order to enable projects to get off the ground in the first place. In terms of getting people to trust you as a sourcer – especially if you’re starting out and don’t have any past or current deals under your belt – then being part of a bigger organisation really helps. Especially if, as in the case of ourselves, that company already has a good reputation within the property industry.

More competition for sourcers who don’t have the training and back-up of a wider network makes it far more difficult to traverse what is already a very tricky-at-times marketplace. As a result, many independent sourcers fail to even get off the ground. With Sourced, we guarantee that won’t be the case; your colleagues won’t allow you not to be a success for starters!

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