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How a Franchise can Save you Money

By 5 May 2021No Comments

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You may have to pay upfront costs for your franchise business. But, in no time at all, you will have saved in terms of marketing, sourcing and a whole host of other expenses. These may seem small as individual expenses when jotted down on the balance sheet, but they certainly add up.

And then, there are those intangible benefits you get from buying into an established business. These are equally as important to your business success – and crucial when you first start up.

Buying an established reputation and customer base

We are talking, of course, about buying in to the established reputation of a business, as well as gaining a number of converted customers who already know what they can expect from you. That’s because they have already been to another franchise, know how the business model works – and like it.

Supplier network and discounts

Your franchiser will already have set up bulk discounts for buying from preferred suppliers and business providers, and you benefit from this in turn. Not only does mean money savings, but it also saves you the time spent in sourcing reliable suppliers and negotiating prices with them.

Expert advice

When first starting out in business, you won’t know all the potential pit-falls you need to avoid. Having someone to guide you along the way as a mentor will certainly help. Even just having an experienced colleague, based at HQ to turn to for advice when needed, can make a huge difference to your business being a success or turning into failure.

Established contacts

Knowing where to find what you need, and quickly when customers are queuing, is invaluable. With a franchise, there will already be a list of suppliers you can turn to. Or, chances are, they may know someone else who can help out. In some research-based franchises, like our own here at Sourced, networking and having contacts is key to getting off the ground – and continuing to be successful.

How Sourced saves you money

Most people’s idea of a franchise business is in food and drink ie KFC, Costa etc. But there are franchises in just about every sector, from cleaning to tyres and gyms.

There are already franchises in the property sector out there, such as estate agencies and property maintenance. But Sourced Network is the leading property investment and funding franchise in the UK.

All you need to start a Sourced franchise is a laptop. You don’t have to pay for office, staff or expensive software packages. And, we have already done the marketing and branding for you. You will also benefit from brand awareness in the property industry.

That means the investors are already there, and so are the property leads. We worked out that generating your own leads, without the help of a Sourced franchise, the cost will be around £15 per investor land £30 per property lead.

When you join, you will benefit from over 70 training days per year, a dedicated support person and a range of additional business resources. We will work with you to make sure you succeed at your new venture and meet your goals, based on our tried and tested business model.

We will also fund any profitable property projects you find, from flips to conversions and developments.

Find out more about the Sourced Network franchise opportunity, by downloading our prospectus today.



Sam Clayton

Franchise Manager