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How can Sourced Network Benefit Property Sourcers?

By 28 April 2021No Comments

Johnny, Steve and Tony at their project in Chester

What’s the biggest hurdle for a property sourcer? It’s not, as you might suspect, finding the wealthy investors to sell your profitable property deals to.


Nor is it finding those houses or apartments in the first place and then tying up the packaged deals. It’s not even about making sure you are looking in the right location in the first place.

No, the issue for most property sourcers these days is actually something just about all of us could do with more of – regardless of whether we’re in property or not.

It’s time.

In property terms, that could be finding the time to get to the viewings for the properties, then managing to find a surveyor to get the paperwork done. Or, it could be having the hours to spare in which to spend time networking and impressing wealthy buyers with your deals.

Well, the good news is that with Sourced, you don’t need much time. That’s because we’ve looked out the buyers for you and even have the properties lined up. How? Well, read on:

What does the Sourced Network franchise include?

Property investor database

We already have an extensive database of property investors and developers that, as a Sourced franchisee, you will get access to. These are seasoned investors and people who don’t have the time to scope out property projects, so are looking for you to source and bring deals to them.

Regular property leads sent to you

As a Sourced franchisee, you will also regularly be sent leads to properties that you can follow up and package deals from or add to your own portfolio. In fact, we regularly offer our franchisees around 35,000 leads a year to pick from.

Networking and co-sourcing opportunities

Then there is the actual networking. We have many events, training courses and meet-ups where you can meet like-minded people who are just as hungry for deals as you are. You can share deals and team up with one another to make financing projects easier. Whether it’s co-sourcing or swapping projects, it all makes investing in projects so much easier – and sociable.

Access to funding for your own property projects

And that’s another benefit of joining Sourced – you will have access to a pool of finance thanks to our peer to peer lending platform. Provided the project is profitable enough, Sourced can lend you up to 70% of the GDV (gross development value), meaning it could cover 100% of what you need for the purchase and work costs.

Sourced training for different strategies

And then there is the training Sourced provides. It’s not always easy to learn your information from books alone. At our courses, you will meet with and talk to investors who have embarked on the type of property strategy you may already have been considering. Not only have they tried it, but they’ve also made a success of it. They can give you pointers and let you know where they went wrong so that you can avoid the same pitfalls.

Learn more today

To find out the full benefits of becoming a Sourced Network franchisee download our prospectus today. In it, you will find out more about our training programmes, the team behind Sourced, and what becoming part of the Sourced network involves in detail.

Sam Clayton

Franchise Manager