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How To Make Property Training Work For You

By 18 November 2020No Comments

Sourced Franchisees in the training room

So you’ve seen a course that says it’s going to teach you all about investing in property. In that moment of making the decision have you considered the factor that will make the difference between whether you succeed at putting all the information you are about to learn into action and then, and most importantly into results?

A lot of people take property courses but not all of them will be successful, if they have any success at all. In fact, in the same training room with a group of people who receive exactly the same information only some of them will the information to create a scaled, profitable business.

Why? What makes the difference?

This realisation was a game changer for me and the reason I first got into training and coaching. You make a difference, not in the information you know, but in the application of the information. Information without application is worthless, however application without information will still make progress as long as mistakes are learned from.

It just so happens that the application of information, in most cases, is much harder than simply learning the information in the first place, which in my opinion is why training companies don’t offer thorough ongoing support.

As my focus has always been on people achieving their goals, having support to put the information to use made perfect sense to me. My property training has always offered an ongoing support service to help trainees, and the results have been astonishing. People who learn the information and then learn how to apply it during the ongoing support are roughly 85% more likely to complete their first deal within a month.

The results were so good I decided to spend the last couple of years learning how to better assist people at being the best version of themselves, overcome limiting beliefs, make the most of their potential, achieve the results they desire and ultimately live the lifestyle they have always wanted to.

I was happy to stand out and carry on delivering my training and support for the property strategy I was specialising in, but when I was approached by Sourced to help support their franchisees I could see an opportunity to get involved with a company who had the same support philosophy as me, as well as an ambition to scale the training and support to serve and enable their network to achieve incredible results for themselves and their families.

To sum up, when you’re looking at courses, take a moment to think about the difference between just learning and how the course enables you to be make the most of what you know.

At Sourced, we host over 70 training days per year, covering a variety of property strategies. Download our latest Training Schedule to find out more.

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