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Marketing your Property Deals Offline

By 18 November 2020No Comments

These days it feels as if everyone is online and using social media. And even those who don’t have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts are familiar with the names. However, like the proverbial dinosaur or two out there, there are still millions of people picking up on offline marketing too. So, it makes sense not to rule out traditional techniques for promoting your property deals. Here are some of our favourites:

Probably the most effective way of marketing your deals offline is by marketing yourself and showing you’re likeable and trustworthy. The best way to do that – and to let people know about any deals that are happening, is quite simply to meet with others who you know are interested in what you have to offer (or at least people who know other investors who might be interested). This means going along to property networking groups and local business meet-ups.

Media outlets
Get your local newspaper to write a feature on you along the lines of A Day in the Life of a Property Sourcer – it’s an unusual enough job to pique reader curiosity. Or, ask your local radio station if they’d be interested in your giving local commentary on the subject (by positioning yourself as an expert). Alternatively, purchase some low-cost newspaper or radio adverts by offering to buy space they can’t sell at a reduced rate.

Trade shows
Get to know who is out there, what they’re doing and, more importantly, what they’re looking for by going to trade shows. Whether you go to look and socialise, or book a stall as a vendor (if you can’t afford a booth on your own try and share with someone whose business complements your own e.g. property insurance or legal advice), it’s always a worthwhile venture.

Leaflets to post through doors and leave lying around in coffee shops, dental surgeries and hairdressing salons aren’t expensive to have produced. But they can prove highly effective. Just research beforehand where your potential customers hang out, and distribute accordingly.

Direct Mail
Another very inexpensive method of promoting yourself and your business, find out where your potential client base lives or works, and send them a brief introductory letter, along with details of what you can do for them.

Local Sponsorship
Being a member of a community (town, city or village where you live), do both them and you a favour by supporting the local football team, hockey club or Mum and Toddler group. Do this by purchasing training equipment and have your logo or company name emblazoned on it. Or, offer to pay for catering at their next event in return for your name on any publicity material, such as posters and flyers. If people haven’t already heard of you, they soon will.

Hold a free educational workshop on property buying and selling. People in the UK have always been interested in property. Talk about renovating property or buying at auction, and even get a guest speaker in. Next time they have money and are thinking of investing in property, hopefully it’s you they will turn to for advice.

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