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Meet Andrew Perry, HMO Expert and Marketing Agency Business Owner

By 22 July 2021No Comments

Andrew Perry joined Sourced with a large amount of experience and knowledge about HMOs, but wanted to expand into other property strategies. With the franchise, he got access to training in a range of property strategies, such as refurbishments, commercial to residential conversions, deal trading, lease options and more. He knew the training and support provided by Sourced was the best step to take, in order for him to achieve his financial and property goals.

The Current Portfolio

Currently, Andrew has an excellent cash-generating portfolio based in Northampton, comprising of 2 x 6 bed HMOs. Apart from that, Andrew owns a successful digital marketing agency. The franchisee had some money that he wanted to invest into real estate, but also wanted to benefit from a regular cashflow and capital growth. Andrew then spent a few months researching a vast number of different properties in Northampton, and eventually found his matches. He refurbished both properties through a local contractor, which took a combined time of 6 months, refinanced the properties and is now earning a hands-off 18% ROCE on both properties.

The franchisee’s goals since joining Sourced were to focus on deal trading as well as looking at larger scale development projects. Andrew feels that the support from Sourced provided him with “quick ways to creating cashflow”.

How is the training provided by Sourced?

So far, Andrew has attended the mandatory induction course and then furthered his existing knowledge at the ‘HMO and Lease Options’ event. He shared that the events were “an excellent networking opportunity, with brilliant training and a really good atmosphere”.

Apart from the training and ongoing support, franchisees have access to a custom CRM system, which they can use to upload deals and receive feedback. The CRM also houses all the tools that franchisees have access to, such as deal calculators, marketing materials, legal contracts, and more.

Want to get started in property, but don’t know where to begin?

Andrew Perry would recommend Sourced Network Franchise to “anyone looking to create a property business. Sourced can be for those who are looking to generate a secondary/support income as well as those who want to build a property business to work in full-time, control their own pension and generate cashflow”.

If you are eager to get started and determined to find success in the property world, you are in the right place. With Sourced, you will get a proven business model and all the resources you need to get started. Whether you are completely new to property or already have some experience, we will tailor our package to suit your needs.

To find out how Sourced Franchise can help you in your property journey, download the Sourced Network franchise prospectus now.


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