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Moving to £2m Developments

By 6 August 2021January 28th, 2022No Comments

Jason Kay’s current focus is rent to rent and commercial conversions. He is currently working on a commercial conversion, comprising 14 serviced accommodation apartments in Hull. It has a GDV of £2 million and is funded with the help of Sourced Capital. Furthermore, he is also looking at another SA commercial conversion, which will accommodate 10 apartments.

Background and Property Journey

The franchisee’s property journey started in 2019. With experience in the procurement industry, working for a number of construction organisations, before deciding to join property full-time, Jason was already involved in a few construction projects.

The Humber franchisee also uses rent to rent strategy as a way to increase his cashflow in areas he doesn’t operate. He gets these properties managed for him through a management agency, therefore, creating a hands-off opportunity.

Already having years of part-time experience in property, Jason was ready to take his passion to the next level.

Funding Platform, Training and Joining Sourced

The franchisee shares, “I joined Sourced to capitalise on the brand, accelerate my property business and access the Sourced Capital funding platform that is available to franchisees”. Jason also states, “the training provided by Sourced can help anyone succeed in their property business”.

Jason joined Sourced in March 2021 and has already been on several training courses. The franchisee shares “all training is carried out by property experts. The training courses are very extensive and done in a way which allows people regardless of their property experience to take what they need from the events”. Our bespoke training courses are exclusive to franchisees, and they are covered by your franchise fee when you come on board with us.

Franchisees get access to the Sourced Capital funding platform, a unique CRM system, which they can use to upload deals and receive feedback, in addition to the training and continuing assistance. All the tools that franchisees have access to, such as deal calculators, marketing materials, legal contracts, and more, are stored in a bespoke CRM.

Long-Term Goals

The franchisee’s long-term goal is to have a stable, cash generating property portfolio within 5 years. Jason wishes to keep accelerating his property business, with the support and funding platform offered by Sourced.

Who Would you Recommend Sourced Network to?

Jason shares “getting into Sourced will be the best money you have spent, and the support is second to none”.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re ready to get started and determined to succeed in the world of real estate. With Sourced, you’ll get a tried-and-tested business strategy as well as all the tools you’ll need to get started. We will customise our package to meet your needs, whether you are brand new to property or already have experience in the property world.

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