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Must-Attend Property Training Events

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The director training franchisees

When you are new to property investing, hearing about all of the different strategies available can feel overwhelming at times. Here at Sourced, we will give you the low-down on each. That way you can decide which one or two is better for your current lifestyle – and forget the rest in the meantime.

We do this via a series of training courses, which as a franchisee, you are encouraged to attend. Some are mandatory but all are worth turning up for to get a good all-round knowledge of property investing. Here are just some of the events available to our Network:

R2R and SA Training
Diving deep into the Rent to Rent (R2R), House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) and Serviced Accommodation (SA) strategies.

R2R involves renting a property from the landlord at below market prices and then letting out the rooms at a profit.

A HMO strategy is when you own the property and then let out individual rooms. Serviced Accommodation is a high standard of letting where individuals have a fully furnished flat, often complete with concierge and laundry/cleaning services etc. It can be for either short or long-term renting. Of the three strategies we have mentioned, HMOs will bring in the biggest returns (yields of up to 15%).

SAs can also be lucrative since you will be able to charge a high rent and can be particularly profitable when paired with R2R.

Commercial Conversions and Planning
Commercial conversions have become a really popular strategy for people to scale their property investments and the government has made it even easier planning-wise to convert commercial property into residential living accommodation.

Induction, Sourcing and Deal Packaging
Getting you up to speed with everything you need to know in order to hit the ground running. Mandatory for all new Franchisees. Source properties for time-poor investors and present them in a deal format to make instant profits.

Flips and Refurbs
Probably one of the most common strategies, but that does not mean it’s one of the easiest. Flipping a property involves buying a house in need of work at below market value and selling it for a profit after refurbishing it.

New Build Developments
Learn from the team who are building over 500 units in Manchester with hundreds of additional units in the pipeline. Developments are a much more complex strategy and take longer to profit from – simply because of the time of the build and then letting or sale of the apartments. However, they do tend to be the most lucrative form of property investing.

Support Days
We will work together in small groups and use our time to concentrate on the detail of building each other’s businesses.

Funding and Investors
Understanding how funding can be structured and how you can incorporate investors into your deals is like unlocking the secret sauce of property.

Lease Options and HMO
A lease option agreement is when a tenant is given the option to buy a property for a set amount they intend to rent first for a number of years (three to six).

We have now released the 2021 training schedule. Download it now and start planning your property journey.

Blurred Sourced Franchise 2020 Training Schedule

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