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Property Connections are Key

By 9 May 2018March 1st, 2021No Comments

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Inspiration can come from a million different sources and often smacks you in the face when you least expect it. The film ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ has a reputation that I’m sure you know about. It’s a fun and raucous account of a life of hedonism and excess, however nobody said that it would contain a moment that would provide a huge perspective shift and have the ability to literally change lives.

Now I guess you’re trying to think which moment it is, well it isn’t throwing FBI agents off a yacht or planning outrageous office parties. It’s the moment Jordan (DiCaprio’s lead character – for those who haven’t seen it) gives an emotional speech to his employees which motivates them to start calling investors.

So why did this have such a big impact?

People have comfort zones and mine definitely is behind my laptop and emails. I can do that all day long. But, where will it get me? Yes, I might get the odd reply and yes I might get or sell a property deal. But, do I want the odd deal every so often?

NO! I want the good things in life. I want my family to have the good things in life. I won’t get that sat behind a laptop, scared to make connections. Property is all about the connection. People buy from people, not because you sent them an email or posted on Facebook.

So what’s my point? Get out of your comfort zone. Comfort zones are for the 9-5. This is my business and it’s up to me to make it work. It’s up to me to push myself… no one will do it for me! Nothing in this world gets given to you. Work hard, be uncomfortable and…

“Pick up the phone and start dialling!”

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