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Property Courses – How Many Have You Done?

By 18 November 2020March 1st, 2021No Comments

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Everyone it seems, is a property sourcer these days and it seems the way to become one and attain untold riches is to buy yourself some training from a property training company. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to better yourself and build that knowledge, it’s perfectly logical. What’s more, I have done a couple of courses myself with one of these ‘well known’ property gurus in the past. But…

Surely you knew there was a ‘but’ coming?

You are sat in a hotel conference room surrounded by like-minded people who also want to change their lives and succeed in property trading/sourcing. What happens next is you are likely ‘shown’ the ‘trade secrets’ and ‘knowledge’, and your path to success is laid out in front of you…

After all it’s easy, with a bit of work and this newly acquired knowledge, you can now earn X amount of pounds. So, you walk out of the hotel with a head full of ideas and a master-plan in your notepad. The world is a wonderful place and today is a good day. Hell, you’re the king of the world.

Fast-forward a week, a month, a year… be honest what happened? Are you sat on a desert island sipping margaritas whilst flipping the odd property from your sun-lounger? Are you earning 3,5, or maybe £10,000 extra pounds per month? Maybe you have managed to do a few deals and earned a few thousand over the year and your happy with that because ‘hey, it’s all extra money’.

Maybe, you thought that the last training course was good, but you need a bit more information as there is still a missing piece to your jigsaw… so what do you do? Well it’s obvious; you pay for another course and maybe another one until you feel confident to go do it yourself. I know people who have done this and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a thirst for knowledge, but at some point, you need to take some action.

The answer is you will NEVER have all the answers or have ALL the necessary knowledge you need. No one does. It is a case of action over knowledge. Actions speak louder than words.

The fact is there is always another course, another guru with more ‘trade secrets’.

I know more than a few guys in the industry who offer training and you know what? They are good guys and very good at what they do. I’ve got nothing against what they offer as they do present, more often than not, good knowledge and fabulous course material. BUT…. (come on you knew that one was coming, right?)

…certain people do get stuck on the merry go round of doing course after course and looking for that missing piece of their jigsaw. This is one small reason why I co-founded ‘Sourced’ to offer a real alternative to those who get stuck in this cycle and end up paying literally thousands upon thousands on training. Take a step-back and be honest with yourself.

Why do you need to go abroad and waste more money on travel, when you can do it at home? Why go to Barcelona or Vegas, or wherever it maybe? Is it because it makes the material any better if the sun shines brighter? Nope. It’s just more money wasted. Think logically for one minute, by all means education is massively important and courses are no bad thing, but…

  • Do you need to jet off abroad to learn about property?
  • Do you need to pay for course after course after course, to be successful?
  • How many courses have you done and what have you earned as a direct result?

The question is… Are you a property course addict?

Sourced do not offer one-off course’s, or even courses at all… but we have franchisees (independent business owners) who we help for 5 years minimum and we help them grow their own deal trading business.

Sourced Offer Franchisees

  • Ongoing Training for 5 whole years
  • We walk you through deals until you can do them yourself
  • One to One support with a head office team supporting you
  • Access to funding and bridging finance
  • We generate leads for you
  • You have full access to our own power-team
  • Marketing and national branding
  • Access to a database of over 125,000 investors across the globe
  • And much more such as a bespoke CRM system, training webinars, annual conference.

The cost for all these resources is probably less than what you have already spent on training courses. So, take another course or join our network and change your future today.

Download our Franchise Prospectus to learn more.

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