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Property Investment Courses in the UK

By 9 November 2021No Comments

Anyone who is interested in investing in property and has done online research will see there are a number of courses out there to get them started. But which are the best? And are property courses really worth the money?

Certainly, not all courses are equal and that’s why it makes sense to read up on the feedback from those who’ve already taken them.

A lot of courses are just for a few days or months. The longer courses don’t just give you time to absorb what you’ve learned and put it into practice, but they also provide the support you need along the way on your property journey – and which is exactly why our own Sourced training is long-term. However, we wanted to show you what other courses are out there:

Progressive Property – Buy, Refurb, Refinance (BRR) Online Masterclass

Run by Progressive Property leader Anne Houlton, this online masterclass course provides the fundamentals to buy-to-let investment and looks at a BRR investment strategy. It looks at JV funding, auction property, refurbs, the importance of location and how to ensure long-term cash flow. Designed for newbies and seasoned investors, it claims to teach the steps for “creating a job-replacing income through property”. The cost is ​£1,674 +VAT and includes software for deal sourcing, leaflet templates and a monthly checklist.

Martin Roberts – Making Money from Property

The face of Homes under the Hammer since the mid-Noughties, Roberts is an expert on buying properties at auction, refurbishing them and selling them on for a profit. In his three-day course via webinar, he talks about ‘safe’ investing, passive income and “creating a financial legacy.”

Making Money from Property goes into HMO, AirBnB and various investing strategies. It also looks at how to improve your credit rating and achieve the mindset for success. The cost is £250.

Property Master Academy – Investing Masterclass

This team of four investors have been running a series of courses at the Academy for the past decade. Their most popular course is the Property Investing Masterclass. The two-day course, at Heathrow, covers a number of different strategies, including Commercial properties, Rent to Rent and Lease Options. The cost is £197 + VAT.

Cash Flow with Property – Advanced Rent to Rent (HMO)

A follow-up to the basic course on Rent to Rent and focusing purely on HMOs, this course promises to tell you everything you need to know about managing and owning a House of Multiple Occupation. That means legislation and licencing, as well as finding tenants. The course also includes a section on negotiation skills for getting the best deals. It comprises 17 lectures over a duration of seven days. The cost is £499.

RICS – Certificate in Property Finance and Investment

For those already active in the property sector or the finance industry, this seven-month long online course looks at property in relation to stocks and shares. It looks at the principles behind property finance and investment to help you make better-informed decisions when it comes to investing in property. It includes learning about various ways to finance property deals. The cost for non-members is £1,520 + VAT.

So, as you can see, property investing courses vary greatly in duration and cost. Our Sourced training programme is comprehensive and year-long with both online and in-person courses. In more than 70 training days per year, we cover over 9 property strategies and courses on how to tax, furnish and finance your properties. In addition, you’re provided with mentors and support throughout your journey and investor and property leads to get you started. Find out more about our training here.

Sam Clayton

Franchise Manager