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Property Sourcing? Property Guru…

By 6 October 2020November 18th, 2020No Comments

If you have entered the alluring world of property sourcing, you will relate to what I am about to tell you. When I started sourcing I made probably the same mistakes most make when they begin to source. You use social media and LinkedIn to get the word out, after all you are now a ‘player’ you are a certified fully paid up member with several courses under your belt and you learned it from the best of the best a ‘Property Guru!’.

So here you are, a property sourcer and you’re ready to earn your millions, so you tell everyone what you are doing and what you are looking for and more importantly what you can do.

Then what happens…

Every man and his dog message you, ‘hey I’ve got this deal lets do a fee split, if you can sell it for me.’ You think ‘Wow, bingo that was easy’ then you spend hours networking, posting social media posts advertising the deal every-where you possibly can, and you wait excitedly for somebody to show interest.

This property sourcing lark is easy, you can almost smell the money already…

Then it dawns on you and smacks you right in the face, you open your emails and find someone else has sent you the same deal you are trying to sell. Hang on a minute why are they trying to sell it too! What’s going on, you ask yourself.

Well this is what I call piggy-backing. The person who offered you a fee split is not even direct to vendor, and I bet you the guy who offered them a fee split isn’t either. This week alone I have had several people send me the same bloody email for the same properties. They are all direct to vendor too, no doubt! It’s plain ridiculous. This is not a property sourcers job. You are NOT a property sourcer if you sourced it from a sourcer! You are just piggy backing on a deal with probably that many people involved the chances of it ever selling and you getting a cut are slim to nothing.

I think part of the blame comes from the so called ‘gurus’! They are everywhere you go on social media, Facebook is full of these people selling a dream, force feeding clever marketing to vulnerable people who will drink in the rags to riches stories on how they turned their mediocre life around and became property millionaires by doing what they say they will teach you. It’s easy and you could have my fantastic life too, if only you sign up to my course!

Give me a break! Property sourcing is a skill, it takes hard work, dedication and consistency and that’s not for the masses, not everybody has what it takes. You must commit and work damn hard, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, however if you do it right and take action consistently you will be rewarded with a very healthy income.

The gurus all sell it as easy as you do 1,2,3, and you make money. If only it was that easy! I nearly had a breakdown waiting for my first ever deal, it was a rocky road and I learned so much from it. That’s the point. You learn by doing it, not doing course after course, it takes knowledge, but it takes action, determination and grit to succeed and a huge network of key people.

If you are looking for an alternative to the Gurus, and you want to start a highly lucrative business but with the support of a head office team, access to JV partners and funding, and a global database of investors, support, full national branding and marketing all taken care of, then you are in the right place.

If you think you have what it takes to be a property sourcer/deal trader and you would like to find out how we do it (no, we don’t sell any courses) we go into business with you! Then contact us at [email protected]

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