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Property Training Events with a Difference

By 6 October 2021December 16th, 2021No Comments

Franchise Lead Support, Peter Blackley, leading a training eventFor a combined time of over seven decades, Sourced have invested in property and development. The business model truly works, and it can give you the security and training that you need before starting your own venture.

Of course, it takes more than just a couple of hours of training to become an expert in property investment, and that is why Sourced have such comprehensive training events. You will learn how to identify investment opportunities, how to package and structure those opportunities and how to present them to investors around the globe. You will also learn to see opportunities to develop your own portfolio.

As a market leader in the UK, the first and only franchise of its kind in the property investment sector, Sourced is committed to your success. Simply training you and then waving you on your way is not enough for them, they will be there for you throughout the highs and lows of your property journey, supporting you all the way.  Sourced allows you to work as an expert in your area, with the opportunity to collaborate with others from a nationwide network of franchises.

Sourced hold over 70 training days each year, covering 9 different property strategies and it is exclusively for people who join the Network franchise. The topics covered by the training days are:

Sourcing and Deal Packaging

Involves finding properties and introducing them to investors.

Property Finance

Learn about loans and building your portfolio.

Rent to Rent

This will explain how to make income from a property without buying it.

Working with Investors

This is a key skill for your franchise. These training sessions will help you build interpersonal skills and learn how to work well with investors so that your business can flourish.

Serviced Accommodation

Refers to renting out furnished properties either for short-term or long-term let.

Lease Options

These give a renter the ability to purchase the property that they have rented either during or after the rental period has ended.

Flips and Refurbs

Explains how to make a profit from refurbishment of properties.


These properties of multiple occupancy are particularly popular amongst university students and contracted workers. The training days will teach you how to make a profitable income from a HMO. This can be great for people who want to make passive income.

New Build Developments

This will show you how the process works, and what you need to do in order to make income from them.

Commercial Conversions

These training sessions aim to teach you all about the conversion of commercial properties into residential properties.

There are so many training days and themes to choose from, and the support that you will receive from Sourced does not end there. You will not simply be left alone to get on with your work with no support after your training has ended, on the contrary, you will have a dedicated support person who will be there to guide and mentor you throughout your property investment journey. Plus, Sourced can provide you with funding for your property projects, generate leads on properties and investors and even more. So, the support does not end when the training ends.

You can download the training schedule so you know when different training events are being held, or just so that you can see the variety of topics! Downloading the schedule is free and has no strings attached, so have a look and see what Sourced can do for you.

Sam Clayton

Franchise Manager