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Property Training vs Buying a Franchise

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Joining a property franchise is similar to signing up to a property training course, in that you’ll be taught the strategies and processes of investing in property. And, on both scores, you’ll continue learning as you progress.

However, with a franchise you’ll be supported every step of the way. You’ll also have access to expert help, as well as ready-generated leads. Then, you’ll get support with marketing and promotions, as well as becoming part of a company with an already-established reputation in the field.

With property training, you’ll be going it alone in that you don’t have to answer to anybody i.e. you can call your company whatever you like. This of course provides you a certain amount of freedom, but also instability in that if something goes wrong, there’s no-one else to support you. This is why so many people are turning to a property franchise, such as ourselves here at Sourced.

Pros of franchising

  • You may be a small business, but you will have a huge network of business professionals behind you;
  • You’ll get expert training to operate the franchise model – so it doesn’t matter if you’ve never even considered investing previously;
  • Lenders are more likely to give finance for a franchise than a start-up business;
  • It’s more expensive to start up a business from scratch;
  • Franchises tend to be more successful than start-up businesses.

Cons of franchising

  • There is a format to how the business should be run;
  • You can be tarred by the performance of a poor-running franchisee;
  • You can be restricted in terms of products or services that you provide, as well as where you can operate (not within so many miles of another franchisee), and you may have to buy from a list of chosen suppliers;
  • You’ll give a percentage of your profits to the franchisor.

Pros of property training

  • You’ll learn the tricks of the trade, and do’s and don’ts of buying at auction;
  • You get to learn all the relevant theories behind property management and put them into practice;
  • You don’t have to answer to anyone else. If you like the look of a property deal, then go right ahead and invest;
  • You don’t have to share your profits with anyone;
  • If it’s a classroom-based environment, you’ll form reliable working relationships with other you can collaborate and network with.

Cons of property training

  • There’s no ongoing support – once the course is over you’re expected to get on with it (or pay for a second follow-up course);
  • A lot of courses are all about theory. There’s no practical aspect, such as getting out in the field and actually buying yourself (rather than reading other people’s case studies).

What makes the sourced franchise different

The Sourced franchise differs from other franchise opportunities out there in several ways. Not only are we the largest sourcing network in the UK, but we also fund 100 per cent of the purchase and development of our franchisees’ profitable deals.

Despite a low initial financial outlay, there is a huge earning potential. Our investor training staff are experts who are at the top of their game; all are property investors who have embarked on similar journeys at an earlier point in their career.

Lead generation with Sourced is a big attraction since we have access to hundreds of deals UK-wide at any given time. And you don’t need any premises – just you, and plenty of enthusiasm.

At Sourced, we offer a perfect mix of property training and franchising and if you’d like to hear about it, email us now at [email protected]

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