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Restore Your Work-Life Balance Through Franchising

By 2 February 2021No Comments

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Do you want to own your own business and work part-time, without having to worry about staffing issues?

Perhaps you would also prefer to work on a flexible basis, so that you can still pick the kids up from school and/or take part in your weekly golf match?

If both of these scenarios sound just what you’re after, then a franchising opportunity could be perfect for you. That’s because when you have a franchise business, you work the hours you choose, so that you can still fit in your family and leisure time. In other words, franchising allows you to achieve the type of work/life balance that individuals working on the 9 to 5 treadmill can only dream about.

A Franchising Opportunity in Every Sector

Not only that, but there are so many franchising opportunities out there that you are bound to find a business in the sector you love. Whether you fancy working in fitness, beauty, retail, interiors or property, there will almost certainly be at least one established franchise in that sector.

And better still – franchising is the career that just keeps on giving – you can work with your best friend or partner if you prefer.

Further Benefits of Franchising

Most people who act on a franchising opportunity do so because they like the security behind the business concept. The fact the company is successful shows their business model is proven to work.

The franchise company will no doubt also have an already established good reputation and marketing materials that the franchisee can use to promote their branch of the business.

By taking out a franchise, you will also benefit from the experience, knowledge and skill sets of the other franchisees. This is another security blanket, especially for those who have never run a business previously. Most franchise companies also run training schemes and these are invaluable for those who have never worked in that particular sector before.

Franchise in the Property Industry with Sourced

And this brings us on to the franchise opportunity we ourselves offer here at Sourced. That’s because we offer extensive training in what can be a potentially lucrative business – if you know how to operate within it.

For an outsider, the property industry can seem complex. And to an extent it is. But those just starting out in the property industry can learn how to achieve basic deal packaging wins before going on to try other strategies involving more time, money and thought.

What most franchisees appreciate with a Sourced franchise in particular, is the access to funding. That allows them to build their business and scale up to take advantage of bigger and better deals as they arise.

Other major benefits of our Sourced franchise offering is that all individuals involved in setting up the company are seasoned property investors who have been in the industry for a combined total of seven decades. They have seen and done it all, and are more than happy to help and advice franchisee newbies.

Download our Sourced Network Franchise Prospectus

Find out how you can improve your current work/life balance by downloading our Sourced Network franchise prospectus today.


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Sam Clayton

Franchise Manager