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Sourced – So Much More Than Just a Franchise

By 18 November 2020No Comments

It has been a busy week at Sourced HQ with training new franchisees, agreeing sales, submitting planning applications and recruiting new franchisees!

I thought it would be a great time to reflect on the business and if you are looking for a franchise opportunity, why you should choose Sourced.

Our latest franchisees are busy after attending their induction training and having learned some of the biggest secrets in the property investment sector, it is no wonder we are already getting feedback like “I can’t believe how big this opportunity really is”. It is amazing what you can achieve when you bring together like-minded people and challenge them. What is even more amazing is what franchisees can achieve when you provide them with the tools and knowledge to source opportunities and watch them fill up their diaries.

I love this stage in the franchisees journey. This is where we can learn and share our experiences, our deals and our vision, but more importantly – I love to watching the look on franchisees faces as we identify live deals in their particular location showing them how to structure a property generating £20,000 plus in commission quickly and effectively.

Most people, when looking for a franchise business, focus on the return and how quickly they will get this. Obviously, this is important but the fundamentals of the business opportunity shouldn’t be overlooked along with the drivers behind this. Drivers such as the team, the concept, the market and the reality.

The management team at Sourced have combined over 75 years of property investment experience, this isn’t a job for us – it’s a lifestyle, a passion and a pleasure! We love to trade, structure, build and convert property. We help franchisees understand how to source genuine investment opportunities, how to package them to maximise return and how to present them to the thousands of investors registering with sourced monthly.

The concept is simple. By creating a network of investment specialists across the UK we can take advantage of the high demand for investment property and trade between the network, sharing contacts, opportunities and finance sources to maximise returns both for investors and franchisees.

The market is driven to investment property, with deposits unaffordable for home movers, the rental market continues to grow, as does the demand for investment property. At present, 40% of all UK property is investment, as Dale Carnegie famously said 90% of all millionaires are so through property.

The reality is that property is not a get rich scheme – it is a process that, if learnt and followed, can create huge wealth for all parties by operating within a network who share the same vision, same goals and same approach. This means that you are then increasing the chances of success and likely hood of achieving your own goals.

Sourced doesn’t offer a franchise opportunity, they offer the chance to be part of something special, something that is growing at an incredible rate, and at the heart of that opportunity is our network. Download our Franchise Prospectus now to learn more.

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