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Sourced Funds £10,000,000 of Franchisee Projects

By 11 December 2020No Comments

Collage of franchise projects with £10,000,000 million text over it.

Get into property in 2021 with the leading property investment franchise.

Sourced Network is a complete resource for anyone who wants to start a property business or scale an existing one. They combine training with ongoing support and an in-house funding facility, which in 2020 alone funded a whopping £10 million’s worth of franchisee projects.

How does it work?

Unlike traditional finance options, the loans are based on the GDV of projects, which in many cases means that franchisees can borrow up to 100% of what they need for the purchase and work costs. Examples of projects include raising £647,000 for a conversion in Hull, £1,103,000 for a development in Clacton on Sea and £367,500 for a new build in London.

Do I need experience?

What sets Sourced Network apart from other training providers is the ongoing support structure. Around 97% of people who attend business training courses never put their knowledge into practice. Therefore, Sourced have a support team guiding you step by step as you build and scale your property business.

Is there more?

Whatever investment strategy you’re interested in, Sourced can help you to succeed. When you join, you will get access to over 70 training days, including Deal Trading, Rent to Rent, Serviced Accommodation, Flips and Refurbs, New Build Development, Lease Options, HMO, Commercial Conversions, Planning and Finance Options. Following the training, the support team will guide you step by step as you work on your projects and grow your business.

Check out some of our previous projects:

Commercial Conversion in Hull
• Amount raised: £647,000
• Exit: Sale on open market
• Franchisee: Sarah Corrie from Scarborough

Development in Clacton on Sea
• Amount raised: £1,103,000
• Exit: Sale on open market
• Franchisees: Chaz Singh and Jas Malhi

New Build in London
• Amount raised: £367,500
• Exit: Sale on open market
• Franchisee: Everton Brown from Barnet

To find out more about this franchise opportunity, download our Prospectus.

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