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Things to Avoid When Choosing a Property Training Course

By 18 November 2020March 1st, 2021No Comments

Perhaps, in order to boost your confidence, as a newbie to the property investment industry, you’ve decided to sign up to a training course. It’s not a bad idea; there are many successful property experts around who are offering to share their knowledge. Some focus on particular areas of property investment, such as HMOs or Serviced Accommodation, others are more general and aimed at the novice investor.

Here at Sourced, we have our own training courses, which you can take a look at here. But before signing up to any property course, there are a few pointers to take notice of, namely what to avoid, such as:

An inexperienced trainer or company. You’ll want to see the credentials and experience of who will be ‘sharing their secrets’ with you. If they haven’t worked in property before or have only done one or two deals then they are hardly experts. You want someone who spends their life trading property and knows the market inside and out.

A course that seemingly never ends. Some courses only give you the answers and follow-ups to the instalment you’ve just covered in their next course (and which you have to sign up to and pay more for in order to access to answers). It means you’re never free to just ‘go off’ and do your own thing after the course, as there’s always something crucial held back until the next course instalment.

A course that doesn’t provide valuable extras. Does the company/trainer provide you with access to invaluable contacts? Or perhaps even free membership of a local property networking group? It’s great to get the knowledge, but even better to have networking opportunities and contacts to get you started on your property journey ‘in the real world’. At Sourced, we offer the opportunity to join our franchise network at a discounted rate and if you didn’t want to join, you’ll still have access to JV opportunities and be able to work with the Sourced network.

A course that isn’t value for money. Not all courses are beneficial. Some are billed as full courses but are actually ‘tasters’, where, in order to access ‘the really good stuff’ you have to sign up for a much more expensive course. In other words, that money you paid for the taster was a bit of a con since it’s all there to read online anyhow.

Is the content right for you? Some courses are more like refresher courses for experienced investors, who have had quite a bit of time out and want to get back into the business. Others may be for investors with a particular amount of capital to spend. Just check the content of the course, is it as basic – or as focused – as you need it to be?

Our next training event here at Sourced is on November 15 – 16. If you’re interested in getting to understand the world of property sourcing, then it’s a must-attend! We will teach you how to package deals to make them irresistible to investors. You will be shown how to make cash by monetising every deal you source – even those that you don’t want to keep for your own portfolio. You don’t need anything to start this course. No start up costs, you won’t need mortgages, no loans or deposits and there are no credit checks. It’s run by approachable property experts who have more than seven decades of combined experience between them. Find out more about the course itself at Sourced Training.

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