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Top 3 Property Strategies for the Next 12 Months

By 20 September 2021No Comments

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In spite of the uncertain times we live in, the property sector in particular is performing excellently and remains a steady and reliable investment.

There are many ways to profit from property, as long as you set the right goals and find the strategy that fits your lifestyle. At Sourced, we know the ins and outs of the property industry and we guide franchisees, not only based on the current market, but also based on your financial goals and timescales.

Below, we have listed the top 3 property strategic recommendations for the next 12 months from Sourced.

Assisted Sales

An assisted sale is a property investment strategy, which allows you to make money from properties you don’t even own. It can also become a ‘no money down’ investment, if you employ somebody else’s capital to carry out the works on the property.

You don’t need to take out a mortgage or pay any Stamp Duty and you can get access to money without having any in the first place. Because of the financial pressure that people are put on, assisted sales is an excellent strategy that allows people to profit from packaging a deal for sale.

Rent to Rent

Rent to rent is one of the emerging property strategies for people who want to invest in property without spending too much money. Rent to rent is the strategy, where you rent a property from a landlord and then rent it out yourself to a tenant.

If you find a property with 3 or more bedrooms, you can convert it into a HMO and make money by renting the rooms out separately, which will yield higher than a single let. This is the most popular rent to rent strategy, as it can generate a high monthly income with great returns on your investment.

Commercial Conversions

What is a commercial conversion? A commercial conversion is effectively a change of use for the building. For example, residential houses could be converted into commercial offices.

The kind of profit you can make depends, of course, on the location of the property (the good news is that many empty retail outlets are in city centre locations). The new Permitted development (PD) rights also allow you to carry out some forms of development without needing full planning permission.

How Sourced can help you?

At Sourced Network, we offer property training, mentoring, a funding platform, business leads and much more!

When you join Sourced, you will get access to a ready-made property business framework, helping you to make money from property. To find out more, download you copy of our prospectus.

Sam Clayton

Franchise Manager