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Twenty20 Reasons to Become a Franchisee

By 18 November 2020No Comments

With a variety of alternatives available such as estate agency franchises or property courses, we often get asked the question “so what is so different about Sourced?”. So, I’ve written 20 reasons to become a franchisee in 2020, highlighting some of the differences between us and alternative options within property and also tell you about the unique points that make us stand out in the property industry and why you should seriously consider the only property sourcing franchise.

1. Sourced is the first and only property sourcing franchise in the UK.

2. Property sourcers are usually sole traders operating nationally. With Sourced you will be part of the biggest Nationwide network of property investment sourcers operating as experts in their area but with the opportunity to work on projects together

3. Work the hours you want to work. Running your own business does take a lot of time and focus, but it means you can also be flexible.

4. No experience necessary as we provide full training with on-going support.

5. Unlimited support with an open door policy, meaning that we are happy for you to work from head office.

6. We can fund 100% of the projects you wish to do yourself, opening opportunities in conversion and development.

7. Trusted powerful brand backing means that our franchisees are often the first choice for investors looking to grow their portfolio or diversify and try a new strategy.

8. Pursue your passion. If you’ve always wanted to work in the property industry and you’ve got a real interest in it, then what is holding you back?

9. Our business model means that you don’t need an office or staff, so it has a low operational overhead compared with a traditional high street agency, but the main difference is that we generate our fee from the buyer and not the seller.

10. We generate over 35,000 property leads a year for our franchisees.

11. We do the work to find our investors properties that make sound investments and we do the homework to show them how and why they will generate the return they are looking for by highlighting the options to add value. This level of expertise and detail means that we can command a sourcing fee.

12. A franchise is a successful and proven model that can be replicated by you in your local area but with our full support as a 5-year business partnership.

13. Get recognised. Build your own reputation within the property industry.

14. Create your own opportunities and solutions – be creative.

15. We will teach you a variety of property strategies that can pay huge returns with no need for you to have huge amounts of savings, a deposit or a mortgage.

16. Enjoy going to work. Find pride and fulfilment in the work you are doing.

17. Much more than a training course, which is currently the only other option to get started within the property investment sector.

18. You would have the head office team behind you generating leads and taking care of your website and marketing activities, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business.

19. Embark on a 1-2-1 mentoring programme, if you need more personalised guidance.

20. Reach your dreams. If you’ve ever dreamed of earning a lot and being successful, this is your chance!

If you would like to sack the boss and the 9-5 in 2020, we can help you make the best start and hit the ground running with us marketing you, generating leads, running your website and giving you the resources you need.

Take control of your 2020 and let’s make it a reality – imagine where you could be this time next year. Download our Franchise Prospectus for more info.

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