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Why Would I Buy a Sourced Franchise?

By 18 November 2020No Comments

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It depends. Do you want to be successful? That is a little flippant, but I whole heatedly believe that being part of our network could make the difference between being super successful or not.

I’m a mindset and business development coach and before I started working for Sourced, I had run my own business for over 10 years until I sold it at the end of 2017. In my experience, I believe most people have everything within themselves to make a success of their business, however after a couple of setbacks and hearing the word ‘no’ once too often, the self belief they once had can disappear.

When people start a business they are motivated and enthusiastic. The difficult thing is to maintain the same level of enthusiasm and commitment once the reality of ‘no’ and the level of graft required becomes clear.

This is where the winners come through and make the difference that determines that they will be successful. What is the difference? Consistency. That is the X factor, the big secret, the difference that makes the difference, but surely that’s too simple, right? Nope, the difficulty with consistency is doing it when you really don’t feel like it. It’s easy to be consistent when you’re pumped up and motivated, but when you’ve been knocked back a few times and heard “no” more often than you want to, maintaining your consistency is tough. Think of all the people who start to go to the gym on the 1st of January, after making their new year’s resolutions. They’re motivated and enthusiastic on the 1st of January, but 30 or so days down the line, when the enthusiasm has gone, how many people are still making the effort? And going to the gym is even easier to maintain your consistency than starting, scaling and soaring in business. When you’re building your empire you have to jump over other hurdles, like doing things outside of your comfort zone.

So, what we’ve done is identified where the problem is. Now, we’re going to overcome it. You didn’t realise this was a therapy session, did you, and one that could literally change your life!

So, to recap you want to build a business and you want to make sure you maintain your consistency beyond the honeymoon period. This is the key, you need to perform regular tasks, whether you want to or not, so you need to become very comfortable with not allowing your feelings to make your decisions for you. You need to create a to do list when you’re feeling objective, for instance writing out your tasks for the week on the previous Friday afternoon. Then when next week comes, you know what you need to do, and if your momentum has disappeared or you are feeling negative about your tasks then it’s time to put this skill to use.

The way you feel is information, and most of the time that information is trying to protect you. In the case of doing a task when you don’t want to, there is obviously no protection needed as you are not actually in danger and therefore the feeling should be acknowledged and then filed away. Then when you consider your goals, which again is information, you make the decision which information is more important to you, the information from your feelings or the information from your goals. For me the desire to reach my goals is always far stronger than anything that could hold me back from doing what I need to do.

A great way for you to override a feeling that’s holding you back is to lead with your behaviour. Most people think the way they feel determines how they behave. So if they’re miserable they might spend time on their own making bad food choices and sitting on their pitty potty. Really it’s the other way around. The way they behave will determine how they feel. No matter what has happened, if they spend time at the gym or perform positive affirmations or focus on making good choices, their feelings will change. They will be far more positive and in control of their situation, instead of feeling like their situation was in control of them.

So, why buy a sourced franchise? Because we are totally committed to helping you be the best version of yourself, and the best version of you will make an absolute killing in this business if you’re working with us. Find out more by downloading our Franchise Prospectus.

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