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With a Difference

A comprehensive training programme to help you maximise your earning potential from property.

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Why Attend the Training?

We combine online and in-person training methods, covering 9 different property strategies.

At Sourced, our mission is to make sure that you will succeed in the property industry. Our property training events and courses are available not only at the beginning of your property journey, but every step of the way. We have experts on all property strategies, ready to guide you and help you maximise the returns on your investment.

The training courses combine the theoretical knowledge of our property experts with real-life examples and case studies, allowing franchisees to learn everything they need to build a profitable franchise business.

And that is not all. We believe that continuous education is the key to succeeding. That is why, we provide all our franchisees with educational materials such as videos, guides, blogs, webinars, podcasts etc. throughout their property venture.

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    What Property Training do we Cover?

    From rent to rent to developments and conversions, we got you covered!

    Sourcing and Packaging

    Flips and Refurbs

    Funding and Investors

    Lease Options and HMO

    Rent to Rent and Serviced Accommodation

    New Build Developments

    Tax and Accounting

    Commercial Conversions and Planning

    Support Days

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