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Throughout Your Journey

Our team of experts are there to guide and help you every step of the way.

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Your Support and Mentors

Apart from the HQ team, who is ready to answer all your questions and provide guidance, we have experts and mentors across the country, who will be your designated support people. They will walk you through everything you need to know or be aware of to avoid pitfalls and maximise your chances of success.

On top of that, many of our franchisees, are experts in different parts of the property industry, from planning and developments to sourcing and furnishing. This is why, we make sure to host regular events and give our franchisees the opportunity to share all this knowledge with everyone in our franchise network.

Peter Blackley

Support Lead

Matt Mason

Franchise Support

Rory Kenny

Franchise Support

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What Does Support Include?

Your support person is always available to help you at any stage of your property business

Support Meetings
Weekly Webinars
CRM Support
Property Leads
Due Diligence
Educational Resources

What our Franchisees Say About Support

5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction

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