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So you want to know the initial costs, your potential returns and ongoing investment. Get all you need to know here.

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Show me the Money

Investment property is one of the most profitable sectors in the world and that is no different in the UK. At Sourced, we train our franchisees on all of the below strategies and build a development plan to help you achieve your financial goal. We’ve listed the average fees we’ve achieved as a business to give you an indication of the income you could generate:

Rent to Rent/Serviced Accommodation


Per month

Lease Option


Average profit

Assisted Sale


Minimum profit

Title Splits


Minimum profit

Property Sourcing


Average fee



Minimum fee



Minimum profit

New Build


Minimum profit

Off Plan


Average fee

Starting a Property Business Alone

Set up costs
Starting up a business can be costly. Not only would you have to create a brand, website and subscribe to new software etc. you may also need staff, office space and consultants. This is a huge cost for something which could be a little risky. With a Sourced Franchise, this has already been done for you, meaning the risk of the success of your business is greatly increased.

Monthly costs
There are ongoing monthly costs that can build up when you start your own business such as software costs, portal uploads , admin / calls, ongoing website and SEO costs, marketing costs for email and social media campaign management. With a Sourced Franchise, you don’t have to worry about these spiralling out of control, as you only need to pay the licence and management fee each month, yet you get the benefit of all of these services.

Your Investment

Initial fee
The initial franchisee fee is £12,999 + VAT. Sourced has created a business model with minimal set up and operation costs, to ensure you maximise profits. Head office’s admin support helps you focus on growing your business.

Licence fee
The fee is only £245 per month and it covers a range of things including: property and investor leads, software cost (CRM), property portal uploads, admin/calls (phone reception), website costs, marketing costs (email and social media campaign management), support (from Directors), legal documents and contracts.

Developer software (optional)
Save time on land sourcing with access to industry-leading developer software. Our franchisees get 50% off the regular subscription cost.

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Need to Raise Funding for Property Projects?

We’ve got the platform that can do just that...

Sourced offer project finance for your property projects, including development finance and refurbishment finance. We will review your projects and can develop a customised funding proposal based on the specific needs of a project.

As we’ve been there and done it, we know that speed is important to securing good deals. We will work with you to accomplish your property goals.

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Headshot of Mark Barrett, Warrington Franchisee
“One of the main reasons I joined Sourced was to benefit from the exclusive funding platform. It will allow me to get funding for my own conversions and developments.”
Mark Barrett,
Sourced Franchisee

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