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Assisted Sales – How to Make Money from Properties you Don’t own

Property investment can be seen as something that wealthy individuals do to increase their income. Not all property investments require large capital to invest with though.

There are many ways to get into property without much liquid capital, as long as you have good knowledge of property strategies, funding options and contracts available.

One of the ‘low investment’ strategies we teach our franchisees is Assisted Sales. You find a property that is struggling to sell, approach the vendor to offer your services and enjoy a healthy profit margin from the value uplift. Assisted Sales can be ‘no money down’ too, if you use your investor partner’s funds to carry out any works the property requires.

This webinar will give you an exclusive insight into Assisted Sales and how you can get started with this profitable investment strategy.

We cover:
• What is an assisted sale
• Types of properties that will work with this strategy
• How to find assisted sale opportunities
• Our tips for approaching the vendor/estate agent
• How to assess assisted sales
• And more!

This is a must-watch if you’re looking for ‘low investment’ ways to make money from property.

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