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Can You Manage an Assisted Sale Yourself


Welcome to the last episode of our Assisted Sale series!

In this episode, Chris Kirkwood and Abby Tomlinson discuss if you can manage an assisted sale yourself. You will discover all the right steps and strategies to take, in order to successfully accomplish an assisted sale. Listen to find out more!

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Thank you to all who have tuned in every week for this series, we hope that it has helped you in your Assisted Sale journey. Stay tuned for the next episode, we will be discussing a completely different property strategy/structure.

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Read the detailed article and real-life example from Sourced: link

This episode is part of a series:

  1. What is an assisted sale in property investment?
  2. How do I assess an assisted sale property deal?
  3. How do I find properties that will work for assisted sales?
  4. How to fund an assisted sale property deal
  5. A real-life example of an assisted sale from Sourced
  6. Where do I find buyers for assisted sales?
  7. Can I manage an assisted sale property deal myself?