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Flips, Refurbs and BRR – How to Build Cashflow from Property

Are you looking to add your first property to your portfolio? Do you own rental properties, but you’d like to earn larger sums by flipping houses? Is property something you feel passionate about and you’re researching different strategies to get started?

Flips, refurbishments and BRR (buy, refurbish, refinance) are tried and tested property strategies for generating income from property. In addition, when you stagger a few projects throughout the year, you will be able to create a cashflow that could replace your existing income.

Despite being so popular, these refurbishment strategies require a fair amount of property knowledge in order to complete your project successfully, on time and to generate profit. Watch this webinar to learn about generating income from property through refurbishment strategies.

We cover:

  • The differences between flips and BRR
  • How to find opportunities that will work
  • What you need to know about planning
  • Analysing the financials
  • Funding your projects • What does managing a refurbishment entail
  • How to maximise your profits
  • And more!

This is a must-watch if you’re interested in making money from your own property projects.

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