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Going Full-Time into Property – How to Make the Transition From Part-Time?

In this episode of The Sourced Property Podcast, we are joined by a special guest, Everton Brown, who runs a Sourced Franchise in Barnet, London.

Everton owned and managed multiple properties before joining Sourced, however, he wanted to discover ways of building a property business that would generate sustainable, long-term income.

The training provided by Sourced allowed Everton to discover an abundance of methods and strategies to generate income from property. Apart from training, Sourced Franchisees get access to ongoing support and tons of helpful resources, so regardless of your level of experience – Sourced Franchise can allow you to start a profitable property business – based on a business model that works.

After just one year of treating his Sourced Franchise as a part-time venture, Everton moved to property full-time and he’s excited for the future, having already set solid foundations for his property business.

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