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How Do I Find Properties That Will Work for Assisted Sales?

If you listened to the first two episodes of our assisted sales podcast series, then you should know how beneficial this strategy is for all parties involved. You help the vendor achieve the price they want, the agent secures a sale and you earn a generous profit margin. And best of all, as the person carrying out the assisted sale, you don’t even need to own the property!

In this episode, we will focus on how to find the properties that work for assisted sales.

Tune in to find out:

  • Our top methods to source assisted sale opportunities: online and offline
  • Tips for specifying your list of keywords
  • How to leverage your network to make assisted sale opportunities come to you
  • And more!

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This episode is part of a series:

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  3. How do I find properties that will work for assisted sales?
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  7. Can I manage an assisted sale property deal myself?