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How to Make Money from Properties You Don’t Own

Nadia joined Sourced with no previous experience in property and her first deal as a Sourced Franchisee was an assisted sale, which she secured after speaking to a parent at the school gates.

She used an investor’s funds to pay for the refurbishment and after the successful sale, she split the profit from the value uplift.

In this episode of our podcast, Nadia shares the details of the assisted sale and gives insights such as:

• What works needed doing to the property
• How Nadia presented the offer to the vendor
• What were the challenges with this deal
• Did being a Sourced franchisee help
• and more!

Nadia also shares her tips for anyone looking to do their own assisted sale.

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Check out Nadia’s project video.

This episode is part of a series:

  1. What is an assisted sale in property investment?
  2. How do I assess an assisted sale property deal?
  3. How do I find properties that will work for assisted sales?
  4. How to fund an assisted sale property deal
  5. A real-life example of an assisted sale from Sourced
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  7. Can I manage an assisted sale property deal myself?