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How Would a Potential Recession Impact the Property Industry?

Whether you’re an experienced property investor or a curious novice thinking about how a recession could affect your property ambitions then our packed webinar is perfect for you.

This webinar will provide you with the insight and expertise on how a potential recession would affect the property industry.

The pandemic alongside global economic and geo-political issues have all contributed to impacting the economy. In turn, this has affected many sectors and as you will have no doubt seen, it has affected the property industry. Both positively and negatively. Demand has soared and with that prices rise which has brought both challenges and opportunities for those within it.

Our webinar will detail all of this taking you through the journey of the last 12 months, what are the main challenges and how to combat them whilst also focusing directly on what it could mean for you. It’s not to be missed. Hosted by our Franchise Director, Chris Kirkwood who has over 10 years of property expertise with his own property portfolio; this is your chance to gain valuable expertise that will help you plan for the coming months/years if a recession does hit the UK.

This webinar will cover:

• The market over the last 12 months

• What changes are we currently seeing?

• The direction of the market

• What that means to you

• Media Influenced and staying focused