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Joint Venture Opportunities with Sourced

Are you a property professional dreaming of doing your own developments? Do you want to jump straight into projects currently too large for you alone? Are you a builder tired of making other people’s dreams a reality?

Starting small and building up on your experience as you move forward is a sensible approach for any career. As the saying goes, you can’t run until you can walk. But, what if you’re ready to take the next big step, but lack of funds or guidance is holding you back? That’s where teaming up with Sourced can make all the difference.

Joint ventures (JVs) in property are a common way to pull financial resources or experience together in order to achieve goals unattainable for one individual. Despite having to split the profits, you would normally gain priceless experience, spread the risk, and gain access to capital, equipping you for the next big deal.

About Sourced

At Sourced, we specialise in building connections in property. Our unique franchise comprises over 150 nationwide offices, who work together or benefit from JVs with Head Office and our global database of investors.

This webinar covers:

• Different types of JV agreements

• What types of projects work for JVs

• How to find investors and developer partners

• How to secure your investment

• Pitfalls to avoid

• Examples with real-life numbers

• And more!

This is a must watch for any aspiring property investor or developer, looking to take their next step.