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No Money Down Property Refurbishment in London

Do ‘no money down’ property deals really exist?

The answer is yes, and all they take is utilising money from a source other than your own, while still making a profit in the process.

This is exactly what Sourced franchisee Jamie did, with his refurbishment project in the charming Dulwich village, a stone’s throw from Central London.

Jamie always aims to find properties which he can add value to, and that’s how he discovered this large house, which had been turned into 3 apartments. The layout and finish of the property was quite dated, and the franchisee realised that by reconfiguring the rooms and refurbishing all units, the property will make an excellent investment.

Just as he was about to obtain funding via Sourced Capital, Jamie met an investor, who offered to purchase the property himself and share part of the profit in exchange for Jamie’s management services. A deal was made and together with his business partner, Jamie is overseeing all the works as well as the re-sale of units after completion.

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