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The Real Truth on UK Housing Market & Finding The Opportunities Within It

The UK housing market could be described as many things over recent years.

Booming. Volatile. Opportunistic. Unpredictable. Up. Down. Then everything in between.

In all honesty, all of these have been true at some stage due to many factors. From the impact of COVID, rising inflation and not to forget, the increase in interest rates.

Often in the media, it tends to be portrayed as doom and gloom when realistically the truth is quite the opposite. More so than ever for investors or those looking to rapidly grow your property business.

This webinar will give you the real truth on the state of the current UK housing market and how to sniff out the opportunities that deliver you profits.

At Sourced, we work across multiple levels and touchpoints of the property industry meaning we have first-hand experience of spotting trends to follow or one’s to avoid earlier than most. Hosted by our Franchise Director, Chris Kirkwood who has over 15 years of property expertise from building his own property business to coaching others on growing theirs, this is not to be missed.

  • Here’s what you can expect;
  • Looking back at the recent history of the UK housing market
  • How external factors have affected it?
  • Facts and figures on the current state of the UK housing market
  • How investors can take advantage of current house prices
  • Best strategies for investors to take advantage of the market
  • What trends we see being most beneficial

Plus, much more. If you want to hear the first hand of how you can take advantage of this whilst hearing the truth on why the UK housing market has never been as opportunistic for those who understand how to navigate it, then book your place today.