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What is an assisted sale in property investment?

‘Assisted Sale’ is a property investment strategy, which allows you to make money from properties you don’t even own. It can also become a ‘no money down’ investment, if you employ somebody else’s capital to carry out the works on the property.

At Sourced, we are committed to offering value to our followers and we have created a series of 7 podcast dedicated to this profitable yet underestimated investment strategy. Join us for the next 7 episodes of our podcast to learn everything you need to know, in order to successfully carry out your next assisted sale deal.

In this episode, we cover all the basics such as:

  • What is a JV (joint venture)
  • How assisted sales work
  • What are the advantages of assisted sales
  • How to present an assisted sale solution to the vendor and their estate agent
  • What contracts and agreements are essential for an assisted sale
  • Ensuring you earn your margin
  • And more!

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