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What is the Return on Franchise Investment in Property?

Is buying a franchise in the property industry worth it? Is it a better idea to save the franchise cost and invest the money into property directly? How does going alone compare to buying into an existing business structure?

Profits and ROI stand at the forefront of business decisions and investments. In property, rewards can be particularly high, if you combine the right strategies with properties and areas. In this LIVE webinar, we will explore what returns can you expect on investing in a franchise, versus starting up in property alone.

Tune in to learn:
• The difference in set up costs for your business
• A typical path to achieving your goals in both scenarios
• Show me the money – cashflow, pipeline and profits
• How long will it take to break even
• Your due diligence
• How to maximise your return on investment
• And more!

This is a must watch if you’re interested in building a profitable property business.

About Sourced

At Sourced, we help property enthusiasts of all levels to succeed at property investment, meeting their financial and business goals. We boast over 150 offices across the UK, each working on the strategies of their choice, receiving full support from the Head Office.