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Most of our franchisees, novices and experienced ones, succeeded in the property business by working closely with our in-house experts and network of property professionals.

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How do our Franchisees Succeed in Property?

Source and Sell

Finding deals and trading them for a sourcing fee.

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Fund and Build

Access to our in-house funding facility.

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Learn and Earn

160 training days, covering 10 strategies.

More Than 150 People Chose Sourced

Check out some examples of our Franchisees' success stories.

Flip Project

Sandra was working as the Head of Academic Success at the University of Swansea, when she had to start homeschooling her son during lockdown. Having looked at many franchise opportunities, Sandra decided to invest into Sourced Franchise. “I have a huge passion for property and Sourced stood out to me in terms of the level of support and resources they offer.” Sandra said. We visited Sandra on site of her first property flip, which was funded via the Sourced in-house funding facility.

  • Price: £190,000
  • GDV: £250,000 – £300,000
  • Works: £20,000

New Build Development

Not long after completing his initial franchise training, Michael discovered a double-property project in an affluent area of Stoke. The owner of the dated and charming family home was struggling to sell it, due to having an adjacent plot with planning permission for another house. After crunching the numbers, the franchisee decided to take on the project and use Sourced’s in house funding facility to help him finance the purchase price and work costs.

  • Purchase Price: £385,000
  • GDV: £900,000
  • Loan: £595,000
  • Project Term: 8 months

No Money Down Refurbishment in London

Jamie always aims to find properties which he can add value to, and that’s how he discovered this large house, which had been turned into 3 apartments. The layout and finish of the property was quite dated, and the franchisee realised that by reconfiguring the rooms and refurbishing all units, the property will make an excellent investment.

  • Price: £1,100,000
  • GDV: £1,650,000
  • Works: £170,000

Commercial to Residential Conversion

Johnny was searching for a future-proof family project, when he came across White Gable – a charming detached property on the outskirts of Chester. Together with his franchise partner Tony, they are carrying out a full refurbishment and adding an extension, which will increase the property value significantly. On top of that, they are also converting the existing garage into a self-contained living space – which can be rented out as serviced accommodation.

  • Price: £425,000
  • Works: £200,000

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Headshot of Mark Barrett, Warrington Franchisee
“One of the main reasons I joined Sourced was to benefit from the exclusive funding platform.”
Mark Barrett,
Sourced Franchisee

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