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We love to hear what our Partners think and how is their experience with us! Take a look at our testimonials and find out why our Partners choose Sourced!

“I currently have 3 HMOs in my local town, which are generating £1,800 profit every month. Sourced helped me throughout the whole process: from finding the right properties to introducing tenants.”

Jack Whitby

“I’ve been interested in property for a long time and wanted to have a portfolio of my own one day, while staying committed to my career is the healthcare sector. Becoming a Sourced Partner turned that dream into reality.”

Bradley Russell

“The training and support model have exceeded my expectations. I used one of the properties provided by the Head Office and the staff helped me to turn into a HMO.”

Loraine Mitchells

“Sourced helped me to turn my savings into a cash-flowing HMO portfolio in just 5 months! Becoming a hands-free property investor is easier than I thought it would be.”

Chris Roberts

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