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How to Analyse and Structure a Profitable HMO Property

From number of beds through to layout and costs involved, choosing a property project to commit to is not easy. To identify good HMO deals quicker, we’ve developed a bespoke due diligence process which is implemented by our network of over 100 franchisees.

Watch the webinar to discover how to analyse and structure profitable HMO deals.

What to expect?

• Our step by step due diligence process
• Best practices for cost-cutting and maximising profits
• How much do you need to invest
• Student, professional or house share, what should you go for?
• Typical returns based on the location of your HMO
• And more!

This is a must-watch for anyone looking to create a hands-off income through HMO investments. What is Sourced Partner? At Sourced, we specialise in helping people achieve their financial goals through property investment. We believe that anyone with the right skillset and attitude can be successful in this exciting industry. That’s why we created Sourced Partner, which enables property enthusiasts to earn a hands-off income of £50,000 – £150,000 pa, by utilising the most effective portfolio building strategies.

Download our Partner Prospectus to find out more.

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