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Why Buying a Franchise is Better for Your Budget

By September 16, 2019 No Comments

When you become a franchisee, you benefit from the cost-savings that the franchisor provides in terms of promotional and marketing materials, legal advice and – in the case of ourselves here at Sourced – lead generation.

Accessing all of these services independently by outsourcing costs thousands of pounds. And yet, as a Sourced franchisee, the cost is a mere £350 a month – regardless of how often you need to use those services. They include:

Legal Advice

We’re sure we don’t have to tell you how much lawyers charge by the hour…as a franchisee you will benefit from using the franchisor’s (or company) lawyer. Chances are they have already encountered any issues you may have, so they can solve your dilemma with ease and expertise.

Marketing and Promotional Assistance

This can often quite easily run into thousands of pounds, thanks to high design and printing costs. However, when you join our network, the HQ will supply you with glossy big posters and leaflets etc. You certainly won’t have to hire a PR professional (at a daily cost of £250).

Training and Mentoring

The cost of a week-long or ongoing business training course teaching you how to package deal to property investors (whether the education is location-based or via an online webinar) can cost thousands of pounds in itself. Then there is the initial and ongoing hand-holding from a property expert – someone who has ‘been there, done that’ and not simply ‘read the book.’ In fact, part of our training consists of an intensive five-day training course here in our HQ prior to launch and featuring guest trainers such as the hugely-successful HMO Daddy and Tina Walsh.

Business Opportunities

Not only will we supply leads for property deals – again, free of charge – but at Sourced we can also introduce you to potential partners for a joint venture proposition. This could involve a new development going up in your locale, or it could be that you want to get involved in a construction project by investing in our own successful Peer 2 Peer scheme.

Access to Finance for Funding Deals

Yet another benefit of joining the Sourced franchising network is the fact you will have direct access to funding for your own property deal, thanks to our Peer to Peer Platform.

At Sourced, there is a one-off lifetime £9,999 fee to register as a franchisee, but once that’s paid it’s only the monthly running costs you have to budget for. It’s worth noting too that franchisees can easily earn a £20,000 profit from just one property deal!

In addition, we offer business support, expert mentorship, a number of workshops on running a business and regular meetups and training events to ensure you have up to date industry knowledge. In total, that support alone is estimated to be worth around £5k.

In essence, joining Source as a franchisee will not only make the property market here in the UK easier for you to master, but you will also learn how to:

  • Source and identify investment opportunities
  • Package and structure those opportunities
  • Present these to investors around the globe for a fee
  • Pick out buildings to refurb, convert etc for your own property portfolio

If you’d like to learn more about our franchise opportunity, emails us at or call 0333 123 1330.

Sam Clayton

Sam Clayton

Franchise Manager, Sourced